Master plan – Mobile device for cultural activation
el puente_lab & PUF Berlin - 2012

The mobile device is a proposal for a cultural infrastructure, a transformable object and a device for the exchange of information and communication. The device is inspired by the number of converted vehicles that are visible in the city (mini trucks, cargo bikes, tricycles for food distribution etc.) and will be built primarily from recycled materials. The device will not only servee used to activate micro-spaces, but it will also functions as a tool for transformation of a large urban area.
The mobile device will be used to collect various materials: photos, videos, interviews, artifacts, historical facts and information on the environment. This information will be filtered through a curatorial process and will lead to a cultural program in selected sites (intervention, exhibition, sound installation, film, art studio, etc..) With the final material, we would like to raise awareness of the Medellín River and its watershed as a complex space, beyond the negative image of dirty water streams crossing the city.
First , the device offers different forms of participation that currently are not possible in certain areas of the city. Instead of reading the urban development from an analysis of the economic or demographic situation, our device collects all necessary data directly on site, with specific actions. Thus, the mobile device can generate new cultural patterns and relationships with strategic locations beyond the traditional events.
Second, the mobile device contributes to the discussion on the use of cars, offering additional cultural program on the cycle path Ciclo vía or Sicleada. It not only involves interaction with members of the biker movement, but also of other sports and leisure activities aimed at the public along the river and extendible to other areas of the city.
The role of the artists is justified both in the reflection on the information collected about the uses of public space, and in the intervention that creates a dialogue about the perception of certain places.