Research stage
Workshop - 2011
Team: Alejandro Vasquez, Victor Muñoz, John Mario Ortíz, Camila Velez, Miodrag Kuč

The main goal of the workshop was to define a strong artistic position towards phenomena of Rio Medellin being place both of the biggest pride (Metro) and of the worst shame (contaminated river itself).
Through intensive discussion we agreed that our strategic proposal should respect reality of the site, thinking simultaneously how artistic intervention could stimulate further processes of the river transformation.
A very important point was our commitment to the idea of incorporating into the plan existing spatial preconditions (for example: bamboo forest under the Metro), social reality (homeless people accumulations), local practices (Ciclovia) and cultural institutions (MAMM).

analytical part

From the experiences we made during the excursion (18.09.2011, Ciclovia) we concluded that the most interesting part for initial interventions (both spatially and socially) lays in between metro stations Industriales and Caribe. This space is actually where line A overpass the river, but in the same time it is cut by the line B into two completely different spaces. The first area, from Guayaquil Bridge to Macarena, is a space marked by underused amphitheatres and spaces used just during December holidays. Spatially, this area offers a couple of interesting corners around the historical bridge, including columns built for the light spectacle that could serve as interesting infrastructure, and accumulation of sediments in front of Macarena.