Moravia Memory Scape, Gayle Chong Kwan - 2008

Moravia Memory Scape by British artist Gayle Chong Kwan is a vision of the city of Moravia, that weaves together past and future, the poetic memory of the inhabitants and representations of their hopes and desires for the city.
The installation is a large scale photographic reproduction of the physical and mental landscape of Moravia, sculpted in the plastic of semitransparent containers found in the quarter. It represents the final phase of a research project conducted by the artist through workshops with the inhabitants and the children to gather their ideas for Moravia: descriptions, drawings, memories, fantasies and ideas for the future.
Each building becomes part of an overall panorama, but still remains recognisable to the inhabitants. This way the work alludes to the relationship between individual and community, especially seeing that the inhabitants themselves are to be relocated in other areas.
Moravia Memory Scape also highlights and valorises a specific aspect of the quarter’s economy: recycling and reuse of what is normally considered waste. The fantastic memory scape of Moravia is made from “refuse” raised to a state of magic and imagination.