¿Que Pasa?, Katia Meneghini - 2008

The first project to be realized was ¿Què Pasa? by Italian artist Katia Meneghini. ¿Què Pasa? is a big illuminated installation powered by photovoltaic panels that lights up at night thanks to the energy it stores up during the day.
“¿Què Pasa?” means “What ‘s up?”: a subtle double meaning aimed at the community of Moravia, an invitation to reflect about the actual state of the world and the society we live in. What’s going to happen to the planet if we keep on abusing its resources? What’s going on in Moravia, what makes it change so quickly?
The artist shared the idea with the people of the quarter before the installation was realized. In addition to directing attention toward responsible choices with regard to energy consumption, the light comes on symbolically to remember the houses that were built behind the wall. The adjacent piazza becomes a place of memory activating an ongoing process of reflection through the people who, by using the work, complete it.