Nodo de desarrollo cultural #1 “El Morro”

Team and working method

The project was developed through the formation of an international and interdisciplinary team that included STEALTH.unlimited (The Netherlands/Serbia) and a group of architects, artists and architecture students from the city of Medellín. During August 2010, in a three weeks workshop, parameters for the search of materials were set and some initial design options for the spaces were identified, considering the needs of use the CDCM has requested.
About the methodology STEALTH.unlimited writes: “Both the context of Moravia - a neighbourhood that is undergoing major change for the years to come - and the condition to make the extension of the Cultural Development Centre with materials reclaimed from the city have forced us to adopt a flexible design approach. Instead of waiting for the location and finances for a 'proper' building to come together, the decision has been made to use cheaper means (like transportation containers or an old bus) and start with a temporary space. The neighbourhood of Moravia is known for reclaiming and recycled materials, naturally these were adopted for the project. This means that the design is largely based on the availability of materials that can be collected locally, which are varying from day to day. This inverts the design process, as the design is based on the found materials, rather than the other way around.”