Nodo de desarrollo cultural #1 “El Morro”


Considering that the old garbage dump that Moravia grow on at this very moment is on the verge of being fenced off and environmentally sanitised for a period of the next 25 years to follow – a process that will have a large impact on the community, its economy and its future – the choice has been made to connect the location of the project directly with this fact and to position the project right at the edge of the dump, on a terrain reclaimed from the waste. Then, after spotting a number of possible materials for realisation of the structure and the internal furnishings, we proceeded to design three spatial units. They would function as reading workshop for children and adults, art workshop and multi-functional terrace for events (like a neighbourhood kitchen). We decided to build a (steel) structure that could accommodate as much as possible of recycled elements, including parts of a local bus (doors and windows). This allowed us to use the rest of the bus to build a public terrace. While developing and building the new spaces, slowly its model of ”cultural inclusion” became more evident: the cultural space as a model and methodology for cultural inclusion, that can be disseminated in similar urban contexts in Latin American cities.
With its efficient design, flexibility of use and its strong aesthetics, the Nodo de Desarrollo Cultural #1 “El Morro” is the first space of its kind in the neighbourhood, in Medellín and probably in Colombia. It is proposed as a model for the inclusion of the whole community in cultural activities that institutions in a territory can offer.