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Interventions in Public Space



Project carried out within the framework of the International Art Meeting of Medellín 2015 by the Peruvian artist Wylly Medrano Zumaeta, who, based on his interests in institutions and their contents, proposes an intervention in public space with medium and large format prints of some of the most emblematic works of art of the Museum of Antioquia the organizing institution of the event─ that would then be intervened with spray, simulating the vandalism typical of urban art, so that they could be combined with the languages of the city and its public space.



For the second intervention carried out at the 2015 Medellín International Art Meeting, the artist and architect Mattia Paco Rizzi was invited to analyze and intervene in the context of the transformation of the Conquistadores neighborhood with the Parques del Río project. Based on the importance of the graphic sign as a representation of communication in all languages, Rizzi creates a new language to dialogue about the use of public space with the inhabitants of the sector, formalized through twelve ideograms made of wood that were installed in the park like easels that invited the community to create outdoors.

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