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Medellin River

(2011 – 2013)

Cultural cart 

Cultural activation device for the exchange of information and communication implemented to identify aspects of the sociocultural context and offer different forms of citizen participation by activating various micro-spaces in the city and creating awareness about the Medellín river and its basin as a spatial system. Its transformable nature has served as a methodology for various activations, both in Medellín and in other cities around the world.

Small Beach day

in June 2012 Along with the Deúniti group, we made an activation by the river that was ironic and provocative, but that also aimed to present a reflection about its importance for the Aburrá Valley, about how its role has been changing overtime and how inhabitants and institutions have turned their back on it.

Playhero night

Playhero night: activation carried out on August 2, 2012 in collaboration with the audiovisual production house El Squater, in which the aim was to intervene in the bicycle lane around the Plaza de Toros la Macarena, carrying out an improvisation session and audiovisual projection.

Cool zone

it was carried out in the sector of the bike path to collect information on the imaginary linked to the history of the river and to point out the potential uses of the countless surrounding green spaces, until then underused.